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Related post: Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 18:12:12 +0000 From: Bill Drake Subject: QB Club Charity ChallengeQB Club Charity Challenge Bill Drake ( WARNING: The following story contains graphic depictions of male/male sex and is for adults only. young preteen lolitas bbs Do not read if such material offends you or if you are underage.This story is fiction. It is for fantasy preteen girl lolita pictures purposes only and in no way reflects on the real persons depicted. For more of my stories, check out the Authors page of the Nifty archive, or join the Drake Stories Yahoo Group ( to Thanks to those who write, you make it worthwhile. Extra thanks to John, a reader who's fed me with inspiration and pointed me to the newest talent in college and NFL football. QB Club Charity Challenge Bill Drake The two men's burly upper bodies crashed into one another, prize forearms clasping against racks of latissimus dorsi. Everyone in the airport terminal were staring at the two paragons of strength and athletic prowess, but only because they immediately loli girls cp photo recognized them."Good to see you Kerney," John Elway greeted his buddy. "Glad you could join us for the challenge this year.""Wouldn't miss it for the world, big guy." Kerney's white smile contrasted with the dark stubble spreading out over his chin. A big guy himself, he never ceased to be amazed with how firm and powerful the handsome 45-year-old's body was. The smell of John's musk cologne wafting preteen lolita pic rompl into his nostrils only heightened the anticipation he had for a weekend nude lola preteen art of reconnecting sex preteen girls lolly with the guys in the QB Club. "Is Brees providing the entertainment again this year?" the big defensive end chuckled."Yeah, if you can pry him from Manning's hands. "Patrick laughed, and slapped Elway on his rockhard foreshank. It was then that he noticed his teammate and best friend Matt Schaub standing behind Elway. "Hey bud," Kerney greeted him, clasping Schaub's tall frame in a brief, fraternal hug."Taking care of my main man, Elway?" Patrick kidded the football legend. "We want to make sure he shows up at Training Camp in top flatchested tiny lolitas free condition next week."Elway grinned and wrapped his arm around Matt's shoulder. "Man, you Cavaliers really look after each other, huh? Don't worry, if anything Matt here's been wearing old horny pre teens lolitas Elway out this last month." Schaub cocked the side sun lolita bbs xxx of his mouth in a half grin and grunted. "Don't believe him, Kerney, the stud's insatiable!"As the three pro players stood there laughing, they were joined by Dan Marino, who had two younger men in tow. One was Matt, the twenty-something Boston Irish alabaster-skinned hunk of a production assistant who'd been Marino's fuck toy ever since the boy joined the preteen lolita angel nymphet NFL Today set. The other was Clint, an equally young, equally gorgeous newbie sportscaster for a local New York news station. His bright, boy-next-door looks had opened many doors for this Syracuse native, including a prominent place on the New York celebrity pages and 14 yo lolita 16 a part-time place in the veteran star's bed."Hey-a fellas. Getting the party started here without me?" Marino called out."Hey Dan," John loli teens g rls replied. "Nah, we're just waiting for a couple of more guys before heading out to the hotel." "Sounds good. Look fellas, I gotta run. Clint here is dying to take a dip into the beach. And Matt, well..." Marino cupped his genitals through his slacks and smiled as the young assistant blushed beet red."Go easy on him, big guy!" Patrick called out."Yeah, and get ready to have your ass whupped on the links tomorrow!" Elway jibed."In your dreams, Elway!" the dark and handsome former Dolphin taunted back. "Is that before or after the private auction?" he added laughing as he and his entourage walked away toward the baggage claim."What's this I hear about the private auction?" Patrick asked.Elway grinned, paused nymphet lolita nude photos for a second, then leaned down to whisper in his ear.As he told the details, Kerney's heart pounded in response and he popped a thick piece cum eating lolita russian of pro-player boner in his jeans.*******Rich Gannon and Craig Condeto strolled down the terminal, their carry-on bags slung over the shoulder."Jesus Craig," the elder quarterback growled. "I don't think I'm going to make it.""Is it that bad, Rich?" The blonde Navy man's eyes twinkled; everytime he looked at the distinguished athlete, he gave thanks to find someone so confident, lolita 12yo story erotic so in control, so sexy. The last year had definitely been a hard one, as Gannon recovered from a neck injury and finally announced his retirement. But Candeto stuck bbs lol lilita zeps by his man, growing closer over the year. He figured the saying was true: you never forget my little lolita pics your first fuck."Damn straight, kid." His scowl showed the hint of a sly smile. His lolita davidovich rape video left hand jingled the keys in his pocket as he pulled the fabric tight, revealing to Craig his rigid man prod. "The way you were working me up the whole plane ride... hell, it's a wonder I've been able to wait this long." Craig gave a low whistle of fotos lolitas dildos machine appreciation. Rich even swore he saw the young midshipman lick his lips before biting his bottom lip in contemplation. "Hold it, Rich, I got an idea." sexy preteen lolita bbs He looked around the terminal til he real lolita pay sites saw a free nude lolita celeb deserted gate.Rich smiled as he followed Craig's eyeline and the wheels turning in the young man's head. "You perverted fuck," he laughed. "Now I know why I love your Navy ass so much."Craig swelled up ageplay little girl lolita inside with lust and pride as he led the veteran pro star over behind the dividing wall next to the gate. He wasted no time in getting on his underage lolita love gallery knees. He knew Gannon was already fully charged up. Craig looked up and admired the man he was about to fellate: tall, distinguished, powerful. His golf attire made him look like a suburban dad, only an incredibly in-shape one.Candeto also wondered how many suburban dads carried a weapon as long and fat and vascular as Gannon's. He unzipped Rich's khakis and pulled out the eleven-inch monster he'd grown to love so fully. preteen 15 yrs lolita It was already wet from Gannon's dick dew, which collected in the fat piece of foreskin bunched up over the meaty head. The Navy man just put his thick lips over the home lolita no nude tip and sucked the salty sap like a hummingbird getting nectar from a flower. His legs spread, non nude lolita pussy Candeto shuddered as he felt his own cock pulse in the confines of his jeans. That's what made sucking cock so exquisite to him: denying himself pleasure, at least putting it off, to guide another man to his nut. His ball-throwing hand grabbed the ex-Raider's oversized shaft and squeezed, sending more juice into his salivating mouth. Craig sucked, savored and moaned.Gannon loved watching the newbie jock struggle to deep throat him. It was never a smooth, gradual thing. Instead, the young athlete would lunge forth, shoving a few inches of megacock down his throat at a time. He'd breathe, wait, back off just a little, then he'd lunge young russian bare lolitas forward again, driving more NFL dick into his gullet. The boy's pale red lips would quiver as Gannon's cockmeat little top list lolita stretched top nymphet loli sites them wide. It took six or seven desperate swallows for him to my lolita sexy pic accommodate Gannon's prick when fully erect. When he was done, his face would be flushed beet red in sexual heat, and his bullneck would be stretched even wider with three extra inches in diameter pushing out his esophagus.It was just when Gannon's fat, dark lolitas nymphets pussy supercharged bullnuts rested against Candeto's chin that he looked up and noticed they weren't alone. Two airline pilots russian 16 old lolita stood at the gate and stared at the incredible scene unfolding in front of them. "Jesus, Jim, look at what we got here."The other pilot clasped his hand on his friend's shoulder and looked on at the coupling mega-athletes. "Don't stop on our account, fellas," he croaked, and loosened his tie.Gannon grinned, swiveled his hips back til his youngest teenie lolita paysites asscheeks clenched into two hemispheres of elderjock brawn pushing out the teen tgp topsites loli khaki fabric. Craig rubbed his hands up the length of Rich's powerful quad muscle and stared at the inches of slick man stalk in front of him, apprehensive. Then, with a grunt, Rich forcefed Candeto his fat, uncut spitslick truncheon of a cock.The two pilots locked lips just long enough to make hentai loli role play their blood pressure rise several points, then turned their attention back to the show.******* Elway disentangled his thick limbs from the mass of manmuscle that lay on the hotel bed. He looked down on Schaub and Kerney, still sound asleep, drained from the ball-busting three-way action the night before. John chuckled silently as he fumbled around in the early morning light for a pair of mesh shorts to slip on over his morning hardon. He gave a quick squeeze but then immediately let go: he was way too sensitive and too quick a trigger the very first time of the day.He swooped up cp lolita hardcore loli his keys young teen loli nudists off the magic lolita shy gallery dresser and quietly shut the door behind him as he left the hotel room. He'd gladly spend his time this weekend with Matt, who was quickly become his fulltime lolita in high heels lover, his best friend, his confidant, his son-substitute all rolled in one. But there would be plenty of time for that. First, he wanted to get reacquainted with his NFL buddies he'd fallen out of touch with since retirement.It took a couple of minutes, but Drew Bledsoe finally answered the knocking."Elway!""Bledsoe, buddy! It's been ages!"The two clasped, John's blonde furry bulk pressing against Drew's more lithe, brunette downy chest."Come in, big guy.""Sure. So, you're a Cowboy now...""Yessir, fitting in quite well down in Texas," he beamed. "It's petite teen porn lolitas been a tough couple of years, but I'm doing my best to stay focused on playing the best football I can."Elway empathized with Bledsoe's career free little lolitas forbidden slump: what QB hadn't faced a bunch of doubters at some point? "Just stick with it, Drew. You're gonna show 'em, man.""Thanks, John." He scratched the brown preteen 100 dark loli chest hairs on his flat, firm stomach. Now in his 30s, Bledsoe had really grown into his looks, a svelte lean bod, and a killer smile that wasn't lost on Elway in his horned up morning state. Drew looked down at the obscene outline of fat, vascular powercock poking out those flimsy shorts John had on. "... but something tells me you didn't drop by at 8 in the morning to give me career advice.""Nah, buddy," Elway laughed, and hooked his thumbs in the elastic waistband, shucking teen porn lolita legal the material down in a smooth jerk. His million-dollar erection throbbed and bucked upward in the cool air.Drew wrapped his paw around the tiny lolita cum free unbelievable girth, caressing young lolicon gif galleries the rigid stake from swollen ballsac to dripping head. "Man, Elway, I never can get over how amazing this bad boy is. Only seen one like this once before."Perspiration was forming on lolicon movies pics incest Elway's prominent brow. Drew's hand lolita bbs forum board felt nice, real nice, on his cock. "Yeah? Whose was it?""One of Dad's friends. Frank McCord. Worked with Daddy. extra young lolita pics Big shot around town.""Had a mega prick, did he? What did you do to it?" Elway breathed, enjoying the rough caress of Bledsoe's fat thumb on the underridge, stroking, flittering against the base of art loli kids nude his bloated corona."Sit on it til the guy's nuts were preteen lolli nude free dry. Fuck, I'd go over just about every day after practice til I went off to college." The Cowboy russian nude angel lolita QB squeezed Elway's ls nude lolita magazine stalk watching the clear milk dribble out and coat his thick fingers.John sucked in air. He willed his churning nuts to hold back. "He must have thought he was in heaven.""Yeah. So did I."The two men locked eyes in fierce mutual determination. Faces inched together, then unshaven chins and cheeks brushed against one another. Then the bond of warm, wet mouths locked preteen loli bbs art in conspiracy."Look, Drew, I don't think I have the staying power for a fuck. This baby's gonna go off any sec now."Roughly, he pushed Drew back butt first on the bed, then straddled his strapping chest. Both men breathed heavily as Elway's bloated prick nudged into Bledsoe's soft lips. Then pushed."Jesus, Bledsoe, your throat's so fucking tight. I swear it's like I'm fucking some newbie jock's throat." His hands gripping Drew's head firmly in place and his gut resting on the younger quarterback's forehead, pushing him back against the mattress. "I'm hornier than anything, stud, gotta race to the finish. Ugh! search pre lolitas nude Ugh!" Quick, hard jabs rubbed the glans of Elway's cock against the inner tissue of Drew's esophagus, then the pissslit best lolitas top sites gaped wide and released its viscous, salty seed in twelve powerful successive spurts. Drew's throat muscles just clutched in rhythm and milked the sperm straight down for his morning protein shake.Elway extracted his club latina lolita nude models of a prick and stood up to admire the stud he'd just darkangel kid preteen lolita fed. Thick globules of Bledsoe's come clung to his pectoral fur, a remnant of one hell of a spontaneous explosion. His prick still rose high and hard as he pulled his shorts back on over them. "John," the handsome QB said, flipping over on his stomach, and showing off his marvelous, brawny backside, "that fucker still looks locked and loaded. Why don't you have a go at my butt?""Some other time stud. Got a few more visits to make. See ya out on the green.""All free lolita sites links right, lola loli ls magazine my man. Later." John strode down the hotel corridor, til he got to his next destination."Elway!" said a sweaty, jockclad Trent Green. His nuts churned preteen lolita nude xxx as he examined the broad, blonde-dusted chest of the legend standing in front of him. "What's up?""Not interrupting anything, am I?"Green smirked and nodded affirmatively. "McNair's working me and Beuerlein over. Wanna join?""Don't need to ask twice," Elway replied eagerly, kicking the door shut behind him.*******Peyton sat up in the hotel bed, luxuriating angel calendar lolita dark in the fine silk sheets and the fine form of Drew Brees sitting facing him between his spread legs. The two hunks made out, taking the time to feel each others' pro-conditioned chests, shoulders, upper arms, and necks still tan from summer training camp. Peyton playfully bit Drew's lower lip as he pulled back from their intense liplock."Ready for another, Brees?" Manning huffed."You kidding, Peyt?" Drew replied as his thick top preteen lolita free ballplaying hand reached down between his hunk fuckbud's thighs and ran his callused fingers down the length of the other man's rigid shaft. "You don't gotta ask. I got my hold on the hardest, sexiest bone in the league, 'course I'm ready.""Then quit talking, you hot fucker, climb on that babymaker."Drew scooted up so his round rump was positioned a foot and half off the bed, his quivering hole hovering over Peyton's golden-boy ramrod."Oh, lolita forced bear hug boy..." Peyton muttered best lolita sex tgp as the Charger squatted. The jock's tight sphincter touched and twitched against the Colts star's gearshift. "Yeah, polish that knob, buddy." Greedily, Manning leaned up and gripped his fellow QB fuckbud's man nip littl lollita free pix in his teeth. Brees' hands latched onto Peyton's head and bellowed in delight. His legs flexed in their immobile position and the San Diego stud felt his weight slowly shifting downward, that possessive cock entering him, reminding him why he was so crazy for the stud."Dick me, Peyt... so thick, but it belongs right up in there.""Yah, nice young loli incest pics deep morning fuck. Man, Brees, ya got the roundest jock butt I ever saw. I'm about to cream just feeling my bone slide against those muscle cheeks.""Go ahead if you want, buddy. Sperm my hole. Cause I know you're gonna lolita bbs little girl be raring sexy preteen loli models to go again in another hour. Bet you're gonna have me going all day long. Gonna beat the candid preteen lolita models record today, Peyt?""Whose?" the Colts QB grunted in midthrust. "Mine or yours?""Either," the San Diego stud gritted through his aw-shucks smile. Just then, as the two men were humping heavily and making bbs links lolita free the hotel bed squeak from its sturdy springs, a forceful hand lodged in between Drew's shoulder blades and pushed his torso hard against Peyton."Hold still, damnit," a commanding voice filled Brees' ear."That's it, Eli, come join your bro in my little lolitas pussy the finest QB butt in the NFL.""No argument here. I still haven't worked Jeter up to a doublefuck."Brees grunted audibly as another inch of double Manning dong pushed upward. His mouth was biting into Peyton's meaty shoulder to block his nude loli young model cry and his face was flush red. Only the adorable hunk's dribbling staff rubbing its clear-white jock juice into Peyt's furry stomach gave away how turned on he was at the super-wide penetration.Manning held his quivering body still and let his sibling control the pace. "Jeez, this is the best. Feel my cockhead kissing yours, Eli?""Damn straight. Big sloppy kiss, too... were you about to shoot off before I interrupted.""Yeah. Glad the great lolita bbs you did. I can hold back, I think.""Look at Brees squirm, Peyt. He's trying to buck his prize butt down on our monsters. He fucking wants more, bro.""That's my man Drew," he huffed, using his arms to feel every inch of the man sandwich he could. He was starting to reconsider his promise to hold off ejaculation."This is wild. So chubby lolita girls pictures fucking nasty.""Two brothers sharing a lolita boys bbs newstar fuck. Can't get better than that."Their sex-trance was broken by Drew's scream. "Damn! Can't hold back, guys!"Peyton's pale skin was showered with pearly spray. It wasn't long before his search teen com lolita gun shot, coating his brother's rod in a little lolita naturist galleries thick layer of natural lubricant. **********It was two hours later when the former Bronco returned to his room. He dropped the coffee and newspaper on the table and smiled when he saw Patrick Kerney's beauty lolita preteen pics big beefy body hoisting itself up and down on Schaub's waist. The young sweet lolita naked pictures QB's long cock pistoned in and out of Kerney's wide, powerful ass as the two men rutted in heat."Hey guys," John greeted the two as he stripped off his shorts again. His need was less urgent, still his lolita videos young preteen hardon was stiff, and ready."Hold still, Matt," he instructed as he lifted a beefy leg over his fuckbud and knelt on the bed, his knees on either side of Schaub's wide shoulders. Matt gasped as he looked up at John's beautiful masculine butt, its deep trench coated in straight blonde hairs. The light fuzz continued along the perineum, until Matt's gaze was stopped by the sight of Elway's prodigious bullnuts swaying down in their meaty sac."I'm gonna give you that treat you're always asking for," Elway said as his quads flexed and he slowly lowered himself down. Schaub grunted as he saw the round, white buttcheeks part and give view of John's topman asscrevice. A tight pink rosebud puckered underneath the tufts of down. He barely had time to suck in a breath of air before being smothered by veteran QB butt.Kerney looked at Elway's hulking frame through his fucked-out trance. "Man, Elway, what are you doing to the kid? His dick's doing a lolitas legal art nude dance of death in my guts." His lower belly pivoted loli rompl kds galleries harder, partly to tame the roaring beast churning his insides to jock mush, partly to preteen lolita models xxx maximize the sensation real little lolitas free of Schaub's pole against his by now super-sensitive prostate.Elway reached back and spread his man cheeks to give Schaub better access and deeper penetration. Matt sure knew how to suck ass. John stifled a grunt and smiled back at Kerney - the bruiser looked hot as hell bottoming out for his teammate, John thought. Catching enough breath to speak, he replied, "I give him small girl lolita sex thirty seconds before he loses his nuts in your gut, Kerney."Patrick's hair was matted down in sweat, rivulets of moisture running down his face and flexed upper torso. He heaved his body up and down, back and forth in an intent rhythm, fucking himself on Schaub's lube-wet manhood. "I bet. I already feel that fucker jerking nude lolita photo art around nude of loli fedun inside me... Christ, John, the kid's on fire. He's gonna...uh, uh, oh fuck, that's it, baby, spray that motherfucking hentai loli movies from load!"Elway enjoyed watching the waves of emotion washing over the linebacker's face... sexual heat, surprise, contentment, astonishment. Kerney continued grinding his butt hard into Schaub's hairy crotch. "He's incredible," he said as much to himself as to the elder hunk kneeling in front of him. Suddenly an urge gripped him and the Falcon star wrapped his paw around Elway's neck and dorki guest loli bbs pulled the strapping football daddy forth. Their lips crashed hard, and Elway held onto Patrick's beefy sides as the stud rode out free preteen lolly pics Matt's seemingly endless orgasm. "I didn't know the kid shot so much," Patrick said, reaching down to rub his belly which was distended outward from the amount of cock and jock juice sweet little girl loli stuffed inside him. "Look, Elway, the fucker's filling me full."John gave a sinister smirk. "We didn't let him shoot last night, remember?" Patrick grunted as he felt his own orgasm come on. His lip quivered, and he bit, trying to contain the tidal wave of sensation coursing through non nude lolita tube his meaty bod. virgin teen young lolita Finally, it came. Kerney clenched his eyes shut and gripped John's grapefruit-sized biceps. White streaks of liquid heat shot out and rained on Elway's bronzed, furry chest. young model nonude lolita Just watching preteen lolita underage nn the big lug lolita model pink pics shoot his wad - that and the still frantic tonguework Matt was giving his manchute - was almost enough to make John preteen lolita toplist bbs come himself. Kerney definitely has a future as QB Club bottom stud, Elway thought.Patrick finally climbed up off Schaub's detumescing cock. He reached back and held his asscheeks firm together, in an effort to dam up the reservoir of fresh jock cum just deposited up his tail. Looking up at Elway, he asked, "you think any of the fellas would be interested young teen models lolitas in a felch fest? It's one big, sloppy load.""Dunno," Elway said, his boner twitching at the possibilities. Finally, a thought occurred to him. "I know..."Then in little lolita ls land unison, the two men said, "Testaverde!"
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